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Caricature gallery and price guide

detail from caricature featuring people, pets and vehicles golfers portrait detail of lady construction worker guy in pantomime pirate costume detail of mad chef caricature countdown contestant
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As well as being a commercial illustrator I am able to accept private commissions.
I usually work from emailed photographs and work is mailed to customers unframed via Royal mail special delivery.
I've attempted to keep my price guide as simple as possible but you will no doubt appreciate that I charge according to
how much you ask me to put in a picture and each commission is unique and different to any other.

Please note that the following prices exclude postage (A4; £ 10 uk and A3; £ 15 uk)

A4 pencil rendering (single likeness - head and shoulders); £ 45
A4 Black and white pencil and wash (single likeness - head and shoulders);£ 65
A4 Full colour pencil and wash (single likeness - head and shoulders);£ 85
For A3 add 50%

For each additional person add 75%
(maximum of 4 people on one A4, more than this will be done on A3 at the A4 rate but A3 postage will apply.)

If you would like the entire person depicted with personal accessories please add 50%

For complex backgrounds, please email a description to me detailing the contents
you would like to include and I will reply with a quote.

You can email your reference photos to me or refer me to a relevant link. Please make sure that images are sharp and clear.
I will reject images that are blurred or heavily pixelated. You might prefer to send actual photos in the post
which is fine and my address is at the end of this information.
Full payment in advance is required for portraits and you can pay via cheque, or bank transfer.
Your payment will guarantee a place on my waiting list.
Turn around time varies obviously and I would recommend ordering as much in advance as possible
(please avoid asking for something to be done in the same week, it is unlikely that I will be able to consider it.)

My address for correspondence is:
Mark Bardsley, Tyn yr wtra, Bwlch y cibau, Llanfyllin, Powys SY22 5LU.

Phone; 01938 500506
Mobile; 07772099512 (please note that this mobile number cannot receive emails or images, texts are fine.)

Caricature Gallery
Heads and Shoulders
family caricature family caricature
couple caricature dj caricature

Full length figures with costume and accessories
60s couple family caricature
couple caricature dancing dolls caricature

Full length figures with additions and background detail
couple with bulldogs cyclist
holiday man with fish driver and lorry
60s couple family caricature
couple caricature dj caricature